About Michael

EM Forster wrote in the epigram to his novel Howard’s End: “Only connect,” and that’s why I’m here and that’s why you’re reading this.  I want a connection between what’s happening between the actors on stage, and the audience watching them.

Because I’ve always been more of a sprinter than a long distance runner, that’s why there’s mostly one-act plays here.  It’s short, distilled theatre: you make your point then get the hell off. It’s eminently producible: usually a very small number of actors, with a minimal set, and fairly portable.  This approach works well all over the world, from one-act play festivals in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, America and Europe, to Fringe Festivals from Prague to Edinburgh.

My first collection of one-act plays is called Waving to Strangers: just as my characters are seeking to connect with each other, I’m seeking to connect with actors and directors, and by extension, the audience.

If you want scripts that are a little different, a little out there, but also relatively easy to produce, you’ve come to the right place (click here).  I hope you stay.  I hope you come back. I hope you enjoy your time here.

P.S. – I’ve now added a whole new section that includes my poetry.  You can check out the Poetry Index here.  Again, I hope you enjoy.  Any comments most welcome.